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Meet Sakura

I am currently working on a video advertisement for the audiobook release of my novel "What the Luck?". I want to do it in the style of a short movie trailer so I am working on creating the characters for it. Fortunately, I just finished working on my "Heroes of the Yakuza Adult Coloring Book" (which should be available through Amazon, etc. in about a week) so I had many of the other characters created already, since the coloring book is a companion work. However, I did not have one of the main characters (and arguably the cutest) so I took a stab a creating Sakura today.

I am really happy with how she turned out, which is very similar to what was inside my head when I wrote about her. I was fortunate to have found a good reference image that was close to how I pictured her, otherwise I doubt I could have pulled it off.

If you are curious about "What the Luck?" you can find out more here:

Sakura - You are no match for her cuteness.

Sakura - You are no match for her cuteness.